HWA NANO X 1.27 - 5.08kg

HWA NANO X 1.27 – 5.08kg

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  • 1.5kg (resin + hardener = A + B = 1kg + 0.5kg)
  • 6kg (resin + hardener = A + B = 4kg + 2kg)



  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Low viscosity
  • High transparency
  • Simple application
  • Good penetration of concrete substrates
  • A product with a wide range of uses


  • Penetration and impregnation of wood, concrete and other materials
  • Used for making the epoxy glass laminates
  • Creating mirror 3D coatings
  • Not suitable for pouring

Materials intended for use should have a temperature of min. 25-30 ° C. The ideal temperature of the unmixed components A and B is 25-35 ° C, then the viscosity is the lowest, so the bubbles evaporate the fastest. In a clean container, mix component A with component B in the ratio A: B – 100: 50. Stir slowly with a stirrer for about 3-5 min. (To prevent excessive aeration of the material, it is recommended to use a turbine stirrer at a speed of approximately 300-400 rpm.) Due to the ongoing chemical reaction, the material should be applied immediately after mixing as it begins to solidify. Do not leave mixed material in the package.



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

1.27kg, 5.08kg


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