is a growing company that loves wood, with which it continues to work in conjunction with epoxy resin, stainless steel, iron or stone creating unique luxury pieces of furniture or other products, such as mirrors, trays, tables, etc. Everyone has the opportunity to design products according to their own ideas, such as color, size and shape. We look after our wood with the highest standards and we are proud to create products to a high degree of detail. 


Products and Services

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    Custom Production

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    Finished Products for Sale

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    Unique Wood for Sale

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    Furniture renovation and restoration

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    Sawing Large Trunks of Wood

Let's give wood a second chance

Many people do not see trees for what they truly are. However, we see a masterpiece that nature has been able to create. All our trees, whether whole or already cut, were from fallen or infected trees, or intended for cutting, which would go further only as firewood. We 'saved' them by giving them a second chance and 'reviving' them in the form of beautiful products for you. We take care of every piece as best we can, and we will make a product that will last generations

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