They grew up with the pyramids.

Our biggest pride is our 4690-year-old oaks, which are among the rarest pieces of wood in the world. Rare are their age, hardness, color and occurrence, being taken from sites usually 3-10m underground. Their typical color is black, this wood been carbonized for millennia, and infused with the rich colours of nature herself. For this type of wood, samples are sent for radio-carbon dating to determine its age. For each piece of bog oak, whether raw plank or finished product, we provide a certificate and an engraved label with the age of the specific wood in real silver.

"BOG-WOOD", also known as "WATER/MUD WOOD", is made up of tree trunks that have laid in mud and muddy conditions for centuries or even millennia, such as lakes, river bottoms and swamps. Without oxygen, wood in these conditions are subjected to a process of fossilization, also known as morta. The minerals and iron in the water react with the tannins in the wood, which makes the wood naturally colored. This extremely long process, often referred to as "MATURING", turns wood from golden brown to a completely black color, while its hardness increases to a high level. For ecological reasons, it is not possible to find two shades of identical color. Extensive training and the presence of professional divers is required to obtain bog oak, and since bog oak is naturally found in dark conditions, once it is found it is the first time the wood has seen light in possibly thousands of years.

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